Yeadon Town Hall’s Clock Restored

As a result of close collaboration between Leeds City Council and the Yeadon Town Hall Community Interest Company team, this two-year project is now completed, and the clock is once again striking.

Erosion over 140 years had taken its toll (no pun intended) so the clock faces were worn out. Brand new faces were delivered by crane as specialists worked to restore the clock’s mechanisms. Local folk turned up on 20 January (at prescribed social distances) to help mark this significant occasion for Yeadon.

Now, people from miles around can see the clock, an important landmark to the community.

Yeadon Town Hall’s work with Community Interest Company is working closely with Leeds City Council to restore the Grade II listed building.

Jamie Hudson, CEO at Yeadon Town Hall, says: “We are inordinately grateful to Leeds City Council for their hard work and support. Community Asset Transfers require two teams working together in synergy, with a shared vision in mind. We’re very fortunate to have such a strong relationship with the Council. Ultimately, the venture is all about doing the right thing for the community and Leeds City Council understands how completely committed the local community is to supporting Yeadon Town Hall.”

Inside the clock tower

Councillor Debra Coupar, Leeds City Council’s Executive Member for Communities, said “We’re absolutely delighted to be able to support this innovative project which will see an important piece of the City’s history preserved in partnership with those who care so much about their community. Working closely alongside civic-minded people like Yeadon Town Hall Community Interest Company, we’re always keen to help them protect our shared heritage however we can. It’s inspiring to see how much time, care and attention people are willing to give to preserve their local area and we wish them all the best with this fantastic building in the future.”

Two of the clock faces are being repurposed: one to be kept at the Town Hall and the other to be auctioned. The search for a new name for the clock has resulted in a shortlist, with a decision on the name to be decided at the end of February. Time is certainly not standing still for Yeadon Town Hall.

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