Will Yeadon Town Hall Finally be Awarded a Grant From The Culture Recovery Fund?

We recently expressed dismay that Yeadon Town Hall had for the second time been excluded by the Arts Council when it determined which organisations would receive grants. You can read all about it here.

Now, there is renewed hope that the next round of funding will recognise the value of the Town Hall to the local community. The Town Hall’s income has fallen by a shocking 90% because live performances have not been permitted and the opportunity for bar revenue has been severely restricted. Some events have had to be cancelled and others postponed, which has left the future of the Town Hall in doubt.

The people of Yeadon reacted generously to CEO Jamie Hudson‘s appeal, and have raised nearly £15,000 for the Town Hall’s short term survival.

Marketing Manager Sophie Joelle: “The community really has rallied round to try and save the building. Beci Tate from Harris Heating raised nearly £5,000 through a community fundraiser, Denise Flesher has sold homemade snoods and face coverings which raised over £1,000 and a Community Christmas Raffle organised by Julia Briggs has raised £2,000. The Yeadon Town Hall team, volunteers and local stall holders also joined forces to develop a successful series of community markets, which raised £7,000 and provided much-needed festive joy for the town.”

This is a wonderful effort on the part of the community, but a 140 year old building takes up a lot of cash just to maintain, and without a steady source of income, the task will be too great.

A share of the Culture Recovery Fund would not only mean that the Town Hall can keep the building in good repair but would also enable them to deliver a programme of art and culture in 2021 to a deserving community who have felt the loss in 2020.

Jamie Hudson: “As a cultural and community hub, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing Yeadon locals pull together and stand behind us through these tough times. But, unfortunately, we can’t survive on community spirit alone. The announcement of further Culture Recovery Fund grants has given us hope that there may just be a light at the end of this tunnel. We hope the Arts Council will recognise the importance of Yeadon Town Hall, not just as a valuable arts and cultural institution but also a highly valued local landmark. I sincerely hope to be able to share a much more positive 2021 with our patrons and Yeadon community.”

For more information about Yeadon Town Hall, please visit the website here.

Photographs provided by Yeadon Town Hall.

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