The Warehouse Re-launch is on its way

Leeds music lovers can expect to welcome artists from around the UK and further afield, as The Warehouse celebrates its major refurbishment. Live events will be added to the iconic space which has been home to club nights in the heart of the City for over 40 years.

Live events until 10 p.m. will be followed by club nights. The Wardrobe, in anticipation of the lifting of restrictions, has booked artists and DJs who the management is confident will be a huge attraction. This focal point for eclectic music in the City has a capacity of 600 and welcomes those who a looking for something a little different to add to their memories.

The Loft

Confirmed live acts and DJs so far include Annie Mac, Alan Fizpartick and Richy Ahemd, Black Grape, Goldie Lookin Chain and Versatile. Opening week has already sold out, with events planned every single day. 

Co-owner at The Warehouse, Will Habergham

“Post-COVID nightlife and venues have had to adapt. We have had to take a new direction. Traditional nightclubs have had to diversify to survive, essentially offering a flexible space that can accommodate all sorts of events. In the conventional sense, nightclubs are no longer what they used to be, and unfortunately, many venues have been forced to close due to the pandemic.

There has definitely been a move towards bar culture and nightlife, as we know it, has changed. Whilst there is still a place for nightclubs, we think nightlife will be more event and experience-led, and due to the pandemic, for some students, it will be the first time they have ever even experienced a nightclub!”


Some of the iconic bands and DJs The Warehouse has welcome include U2, Sugar Hill Gang, Stone Roses, Oasis, Greg Wilson, Mike Pickering and Fat Boy Slim. Its transition from being a live music venue to a club venue with legendary nights like SpeedQueen and Kaos remain treasured memories for those lucky enough to experience them. In 2010, the venue was returned to its former glory and reinstated it as a celebrated house music venue – so The Wardrobe has come full circle.

The New Normal

The Warehouse’s Will Habergham and Kirk Allen, who are also part of events company, Running Wild, and Dan Ickowitz-Seidler who is also part of Propaganda, were able to transform the venue during lockdown, with survival ensured with the help of the Arts Council’s allocation from the government’s Culture Recovery Fund, so that better social distancing is now possible.

Mike Winnard’s Mural

The team was fortunate to have the opportunity to support local talent during lockdown, commissioning Leeds-based artist Mike Winnard, to produce art across six spaces throughout the venue and a mural on the outside of the building representing ‘bedroom DJs’. 

Co-owner and live events organiser at The Warehouse , Dan Ickowitz-Seidler:

 “We were keen to restore the legacy of The Warehouse as a fantastic live music venue as well as one of Leeds’ most legendary nightclubs. We can’t wait for people to see what we’ve done. We think there will be so much pent-up demand for live music and events after over a year without any. While events have attempted to go online during the pandemic, I think it’s really made us all realise you just can’t beat the experience and feeling of being in the room and witnessing an event in person. We’re excited to get people back into our venue and witnessing some legendary events.”

The Warehouse: 19-21 Somers Street, Leeds, LS1 2RG

Photographs provided by Pink Gorilla. Feature photograph – Members of The Warehouse Team.

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