The Leeds Woman Was Brought to Life Four Times

The Leeds woman, who is a mother of two kids, was recently brought back to life four times in less than an hour’s time.

Melanie Robinson called 999 in response to her severe chest pain one morning of 2018.

Leeds Woman

When she woke up at 4 am on October 16, she was suffering from severe chest pain. The ambulance shortly arrived at her home. Later she also suffered from a cardiac arrest while she was sitting alone in her living room. Both Craig Cowell (the paramedic) and John Ogden (the emergency care assistant) immediately tried to bring her back to life so that she could survive.

Both were successful in reviving her. The heart of this 52-year-old woman stopped again and again. It stopped at her house and then twice in the ambulance. It was amazing the way both the medics were able to restart it every time it stopped.

According to Mr. Cowell, the woman was able to revive each time because throughout the process the CPR was being performed. That kept her brain well perfused.

He further added that she was a lucky woman as she survived a cardiac arrest. He said that many people are unable to survive this attack. But CPR played a major role in giving life to this woman.

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