The Brew Society – A café, bar and restaurant in one

The Brew Society opened in 2018 as a collaboration project between friends who were keen to create a relaxing, indie coffee and beer house in the City Centre.

This welcoming eatery and drinkery serves North Star single origin coffee in the day, and then as the evening draws in, 13 rotating micro brewed beer lines are available to enjoy alongside a wide selection of other alcoholic beverages.

The team recently started offering a wider selection of food and last Friday, I was fortunate enough to be able to give the new menu a try. 

On arrival at the café/ bar, as has become routine in this weird world, I masked up, checked in and made my way over to a table. The original plan for my visit was to capture some photos of the food with photography expert Mark Wheelwright, so we found a well-lit space and set up our gear. After taking lots of photos, and chatting to the team, I couldn’t resist also trying the food. 

The menu of the week was focussed on fries and kebabs. I opted to try the loaded fries with pickles, pastrami, bacon and cheese, and the crispy cauliflower kebab with hummus, slaw and spicy sauce. After taking so many photos and smelling the incredible scents, my stomach was rumbling by the time I eventually got to dig in. 

The fries were brilliant. Although they were lacking in crunch (probably because I had waited a while to enjoy them), they were well seasoned and fully loaded with enough cheese to sink a battleship – a big tick in my book. I also loved the crispy bacon and the crunchy spring onions that were sprinkled over the plate. The aioli dipping sauce was also delicious and added an extra layer of flavour to an already flavour packed treat. 

The Brew Society menu was small, with only a chicken and cauliflower kebab to choose between. However, we were told that having a small menu means that all the food available is homemade and served with love. The cauliflower was crispy (despite having to wait for a while to be eaten) and a little spicy, which went down well – and I really enjoyed the combination of crunchy cauliflower with the soft homemade flat bread, which had been generously filled with hummus and salad. I was pleased with the side of fresh homemade slaw, which I felt went really well with both the kebab and the fries.  

To drink, perhaps controversially, I opted for a pot of peppermint tea, which was just what I needed after a long day and lots of photos. However, for those of you who prefer alcoholic beverages, there were loads of options available.

I spent a very pleasant hour or two at The Brew Society. Not only was the food well cooked and flavoursome, but the team were also friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. I would recommend popping in to the café/ bar/ restaurant, next time you are in the City Centre – you won’t be disappointed with the ambience, the food or the service.

All photographs by Gemma Bridge.

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