Sheffield City Flooded Due To Torrential Rain

According to one emergency contractor, this torrential rainfall in South Yorkshire was nothing less than a biblical.

There were hundreds of shoppers who have to stay in the Meadowhall center while the slipway of M1 at junction 34 remained closed due to the flood water.

There were 36 homes in Nottinghamshire which were evacuated because of the mudslide that was caused by torrential rain.

There are fears of rising river level on the River Ryton in Worksop. It resulted in the evacuation of homes in Central Avenue.

An emergency rest center has been set up by the Bassetlaw District Council at Worksop Leisure Center for everyone who was affected by this heavy rainfall.

Across the Yorkshire city, it is expected that heavy rainfall is going to hit the city. this is the reason why the Sheffield Town Hall will remain open throughout the night for each and every person stranded by this severe flood. This flood has caused mass level disruption across Northern England.

More than 100 flood warning have been issued across the country. And south Yorkshire is the one city that is affected the most

Extremely high levels of water in the River Don have made the police of South Yorkshire, issue warnings to the Dinnington, Parkgae, Whiston and few others too.

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