Pop Girl Excellence: Caity Baser Raises the Roof at the O2 Academy

One of the freshest pop girls on the scene to soar up the UK ranks is back in town.

Caity Baser recently released her second album “Still Learning” and came to Leeds on 26 March, only months since her last visit, to give fans their much-demanded fix of her attitude-infused uptempo bops.

Backed with the roar of the giddy crowd and charisma-filling buckets, the 21-year-old made an entrance no less impressive than fans would have expected: bursting through a giant learner plate with a baseball bat, an untamed, infectious grin on her face.

Caity is simply too fun to ignore. Clad in frills and fishnets and a personality louder than the blaring O2 Academy, the singer kicked off the thrilling show with I’m a Problem, dashing around with a boundless energy, owning the stage.

It’s an upgrade from her last tour; besides the ripped open learner plate (smaller versions of which decorated her outfit), the stage was also filled with giant red balloons and beams. It’s a playground for the performer who hates to be still.

Between pop bangers that had the mosh chanting along, Caity stopped often to chat to the crowd like they were her mates, soaking up the buzzing energy and throwing out cheeky anecdotes. Often these led right into song, as the singer’s unique sound often involves similar chatty remarks put right on the track.

One of these was her super popular X&Y, during which she dropped sizzlingly good lines such as: “Red flags look yellow with a little limoncello / That’s why I drank until I dropped”.

With a promising discography and extreme relatability – and so much stage presence that the floor gets covered in a sticky sheen of beer – eyes that should’ve been locked on the cups were, instead, on the singer.

It’s all looking so good for Caity Baser.

All photography by Maddie Armstrong.

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