Our Midweek Takeaway at Sully’s – Just What We Needed

It was officially the middle of the week and my daughter and I had a serious case of hump day.  I craved chicken and chips while she longed for glamorous cheesy chips. 

Restaurants are back open, but we decided to wait a while longer until we enjoy them again. We chose a takeout at Sully’s in Woodsley Road, Woodhouse.  They are known for their peri peri grilled chicken and that’s exactly what we were up for. Think Nandos but half the price!

I ordered half a hot chicken and rice. My daughter ordered a quarter medium spiced chicken with cheesy chips. And because we are both incredibly greedy we ordered a side of hot wings and hummus with pitta to share. The owner threw in a portion of peri peri chips and salad, too. Must have been good timing! I devoured the peri peri chips in the car and they were unreal – not just because they were free! Is that just me or does everybody enjoy free food more? Anyway, what would cost the very least around £30 at our usual chicken place, totalled £14.95.  A BARGAIN. 

The menu has a range of healthier alternatives to our usual fried go-to’s. Grilled Chicken burgers and full sized chicken are some of the options. I mean you can still get your cheesy chips if you wish, but the healthier options are just as tasty.   

The hot wings were super juicy and the sauce was more-ish. I wished I’d ordered two portions because one portion just wasn’t enough. The chicken was grilled to perfection and the flavour of the rice was really delicious. The cheesy chips went down a treat. They didn’t even last long enough for me to plate them up with the rest of the food.   

I  do recommend Sully’s as extremely good value and yummy! 

Sully’s is open from 4 p.m. until 11.45 p.m. 7 days a week.  You can order via Deliveroo, Just Eat and Foodhub.

Sully’s ‘phone number is 0113 244 4707.  Their website is here. 

Photographs by Robyn Wilson.

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