Northern Monk Decided To Reward People Who Are Committed To Community Services

The way Leeds people support their community is one of the finest examples of humanity. The news which came from Leeds is of same nature the founder of North Monk brewery announced that he is going to grant £5,000 to businesses, Charities and projects across Leeds.

North Monk Decided To Reward People

The reason why he’s doing so because he wants to contribute to the wellbeing of Leeds community so now he is planning to pay back something to its community.

The amount he is going to invest in businesses these are startups which will help Leeds to increase employability along with that he is going to donate money in charity and other community projects.

North monk is known for his best beer quality now it is established a great successful business which is not only limited to Leeds now but also spreading all over Manchester and also attracting some beer lovers all around the world.

So now they decided to pay back to their community and grant money for such projects which will help them to uplift their community. So the all-new projects in which they are investing is just to increase employability for their people.

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