Mum Keeps Alive Her Daughter’s Mental Health Project

A girl who took her own life started a mental health project and her mum is now taking care of her daughter’s dream project. Megan is no more in this world, but her dream project is still going on. It is being run by her mother.

Megan, according to her mother, just took her life. She told in an interview that her daughter was bullied a lot. She was bullied to the level that Megan could not bear the pain and preferred giving up her life.

According to the reports she was bullied by many people-by her friends and other mates. This bullying had such a tragic and negative impact on her psychology that she started to hurt herself a lot. According to her mum, Megan started to eat a lot. She used to think that if she would keep eating, then nobody would be able to take away her food from her.

Adding more pain to herself harm, she further began to hurt herself physically. Her mum told that Megan always said that if she would harm herself to this level of pain then nobody would be able to harm her to this extent.

The physical assault became so intense that one day she just took her own life.

Her mom said that she still cannot accept that her daughter is no more. She does not want to leave the project of her departed daughter. She added that now this project of her daughter is the only motivation that keeps her moving on. Now, she runs that project and help those who are suffering through mental illnesses.

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