Multi-Million-pound plan on the Way To Make Leeds Buses Greener

There is an effective multi-million-pound plan on its way to make Leeds buses greener by the end of the coming year.

Transport chief is actively working on a multi-million-pound plan of making Leeds busses greener. The team is almost halfway through this project.

Multi-Million-pound plan

Around 300 buses are in the retrofitting process and will be equipped with new technology.

According to the news, many extensive and aggressive attempts are being taken to make the buses more environmentally friendly. This project will start entering its final phase at the beginning of the coming year.

A report was recently issued in which it was disclosed that West Yorkshire Combined Authority(WYCA) got the funds of 5million pounds from different sources including national and local government sources. The funds were given to help and support WYCA in their project of ‘clean bus technology’.

The same report stated that WYCA received a big chunk of 4.21million pounds by Defra. This funding was provided for the retrofitting of buses with clean and green technology.

Later, the Leeds Public Transport Improvement Programme funded a good sum of 850,000 pounds for the retrofitting of 300 vehicles. This fund is provided especially for the buses which enter the Leeds district.

Until now, 184 vehicles have already been retrofitted. And it is expected that the remaining buses will be ready by March 2020.

Similar kinds of projects will begin on the buses that move in or around Bradford.

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