Man, 31, had to communicate through blinking after his drink was spiked

A man who spent three months in a coma and had to learn how to walk again will set himself a personal challenge to raise money for the NHS.

Adam, 31, a resident at Exemplar Health Care’s Greenside Court home in Rotherham, is completing a personal challenge of 20 stands from a seating position.

In his early 20s, Adam had his drink spiked and spent three months in hospital in a coma, which resulted in him only being able to communicate by blinking.

After his remarkable recovery, Adam was moved to the rehabilitation ward and spent nine months working on his mobility and communication.

In 2017, he moved to Rotherham’s Greenside Court home, which specialises in supporting adults living with complex needs arising from neuro-disability, brain injury, stroke and mental ill-health.

Greenside Court Care Home, Rotherham

With the support of the NHS and our in-house specialist team at Greenside Court, Adam now has full mobility in the right side of his body which means that he can control his electric wheelchair and use an assisted speech programme on his iPad to communicate.

Over the next 6-12 months, Adam hopes to regain mobility in his left arm, and eventually would like to move into independent living.

And to thank the NHS for all that they have done for him in his time rehabilitating and recovering from his horrific incident, he will take on the challenge to achieve 20 stands from a seating position from the Sara Stedy Stand Aid.

Adam is currently in training, with the challenge set to take place today.

He said: “I want to raise money for the NHS who I personally have a lot to be thankful for and to thank them for everything they did for me.”

Lee Garner, Skills Development Facilitator at Greenside Court, added: “We’re proud of Adam for taking on this personally challenging task to raise funds for the NHS.

“It’s been an incredible journey watching Adam build his independence and develop his everyday living skills since moving to Greenside Court.

“We’re all dedicated to supporting Adam to achieve his goals over the next few years, and hope that we eventually make his dream of moving into independent living come true.”

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