Lydia May at Royal Park Cellars on 9 December

Lydia May has announced the final headline show of 2023 after the success of her recent single ‘Life Saver’.

Lydia May is set to rock the stage and fuel audiences with a sense of self-love and vibrant energy, creating an unforgettable experience that marks the culmination of a remarkable year. The night will be a celebration of her recent single, ‘Life Saver’ and serve as a precursor to the highly anticipated upcoming EP.

Known for her magnetic stage presence and a sound that pushes the boundaries of rock and pop, Lydia May is set to bring a fresh perspective to the Leeds music scene. Her music is not just a sonic experience; it’s a journey that resonates with her dedicated young fan base.

Previously selling out The Lending Room, this is Lydia May’s return to the live music scene after playing Glastonbury Festival and is set to be an evening of empowerment, unreleased tracks – and fun.

9 December

Royal Park Cellars

X, Leeds

Doors 8 p.m.

Lydia May 9.30 p.m.

Leeds Living