Leeds Golf Club To Be Replaced By Cycling Club

According to the Leeds City Council, the number of players going to the Leeds golf club has reduced to a great extent.

The managing costs for each taxpayer goes up to £200,000/year.

Leeds Golf Club

Now there are some really vigorous plans to spend more than 1 million pounds on this club. This spending is intended to replace the golf club with a cycling center and events space for the families.

According to the Leeds City Council, there are plans to close Temple Newsam Golf Club so that a family recreational place can be developed. The plan will make this part of the estate more useful for families and their recreation.

The treasurer of the club, Dean Hardy said that everyone is unhappy with this plan and will try to fight against this decision.

A report from the council was released which stated that this plan is proposed to increase the number of people visiting this piece of estate. This will eventually help in reducing the maintenance and managing the cost of the land.

The proposed plan states that this land of Temple Newsam estate which currently is being used as a golf club shall be transformed into a family recreational place. This cycling center would include a family cycle trail, road-safety park, and a mini BMX pumping track.

This cycling center will be managed and controlled by the Temple Newsam team.

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