Leeds Cookery School is Re-opening!

Leeds Cookery School’s team are delighted to announce that their premises at Gipton Fire Station will re-open on 4 July.

The school runs over 30 classes from beginners to experienced cooks, from 1 hour sessions to whole days. 100% of their profits go to Zest Leeds, a charity supporting people in disadvantaged areas of the City.

Those who attend the courses are not only taught cookery but are also given information about using seasonal, locally produced food, food ethics and sustainability, as well as details of food miles, how far the food has had to travel to reach the user. The link with Fairshare Yorkshire is also explained, because the perfectly good food donated to Fairshare Yorkshire by supermarkets and producers would otherwise have gone to waste, and some of that food ends up with the School.

It doesn’t stop there – the School makes sure that they minimise their use of plastic and buy as many recycled sundries as they are able.

Leeds Cookery School partners with Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Kirkgate Market, to offer courses in basic cookery skills to those on low incomes, and those who are vulnerable. There is also the opportunity to join the cookery club, where people can socialise and develop new friends.

Here are the actions the School is taking to ensure the environment and its activities are safe for everyone:

  • Educating staff on the symptoms COVID-19.
  • All staff and customers are encouraged to remain at home if they feel unwell. Any staff displaying symptoms of COVID-19 are instructed to follow the government guidelines for self-isolation.
  • Making sure staff and customers are continuously washing and sanitising their hands throughout the day.
  • All staff and customers adhere to the 2 metres apart distancing rule. This is achieved by reducing the standard class size, marking off the individual cooking areas and creating a one way system of travel in the building.
  • Already five star food hygiene rated by the Food Standards Agency, the School has increased the frequency of the cleaning schedule for everyone’s peace of mind.
  • All touchable surfaces (including door handles etc) are cleaned and sanitised in-between sessions.
  • All equipment, dishware, glassware and cutlery continue to be sanitised according to normal business practices.

Visit the School’s website here. or give them a call on 0113 323 7700.

Photograph provided by Zest Leeds.

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