Leeds-based Heir Record at Abbey Road

Following in the footsteps of their music heroes, Heir has recorded their single Fear of Falling at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

Making the experience extra special was Ken Scott, who worked with The Beatles, Elton John, Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

This was a far cry from all Heir’s previous recordings, which took place in their home studio.

Heir’s Tom Hammond said:

“It’s just mad to think our new single was recorded at Abbey Road and produced by Ken Scott who is just a legend.

It’s certainly a long way from recording at home with up-turned mattresses for vocal booths and keeping your fingers crossed that delivery drivers or door-to-door salesmen do not disturb you!

For any musician, to walk into this hallowed studio, the place where so many famous artists have recorded – where The Beatles created Sgt Pepper – is a moment you don’t really even dare dream about because it feels so intangible. We struggle to say that we were allowed in there without smirking – it’s crazy really!”

Fear of Falling 
is the lead single from the band’s new two-song release Heir at Abbey Road which also includes the heartfelt and beautiful track Victoria Falls.

Ken had been looking for a band to work with as part of his role of visiting professor at Leeds Beckett University and he chose Heir, which is how the amazing opportunity came about for Tom  (vocals/guitar), Sam Perry (keys), Harry Vernon (bass), Samuel Newham (drums) and Ste Fisher (guitar) who first met at Leeds College of Music.

Tom continued:

“We worked with Ken for a few days in Leeds and got on very well. He then kindly asked us to join him for a project at Abbey Road. We, of course, said yes instantly and we recorded there in Studio 3 for two days.

It was an experience that’s difficult to relay in a way that does it justice. Each of the boys have strong emotional connections to records that were made there and to be trusted by the man who brought them to life to do the same with our songs is something we will be forever grateful for.

We’ve never been in a proper studio before and then here we are at the studios where some of the most famous and ground-breaking music was created.

We learned so much from working with Ken. He gave us the confidence to just go for it and I think that comes across in the songs we recorded.”


“I have to feel that thing a fan would feel for the bands that I work with. For me that’s Heir at the moment.”

High praise indeed from this Grammy award-winning producer.

Heir have opened for the likes of HonneOlly Murs and Lawson, played Leeds Festival, featured on BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing, and have a burgeoning fan base.

Heir at Abbey Road is available to download and stream.

Photographs provided by Rhodes Media.

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