Incredibly Interactive Leeds Map: A Tool To Observe Developments

There is an interactive Leeds map available for people who are interested in tracking all the latest development schemes.

The map shows the construction of dozens of new development projects all over Leeds.

Wherever you look in Leeds, you come across huge cranes, bulldozers and other construction vehicles springing up. All this is on its way to new housing estates and commercial buildings.

The development’s pace is so high that it can be difficult for anyone to keep a close check on each project. This interactive map provides a brilliant way to check each and every major development project taking place in Leeds.

If you look at the map, then you could see more than 100 development projects in their way to completion. This interactive map shows the rapid development undergoing in the city.

This massive development is bringing many positive improvements in the city.

The map comes with color codes to highlight the projects and their phases. All the undergoing construction process, those which have got approvals of their plans, and even all those projects which are major in scale and will be completed over a period of many years, can be seen on the map.

Blue color shows the projects that have got approvals.

Green color shows the projects under construction.

Yellow color shows the major schemes that will be completed over a long period.

You can see a big yellow blob that is right near Temple Newsam. It shows all the developments that will build the Leeds City Region Enterprise Zone that will be in the Aire Valley.

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