How A Blood Donor Bought Time For Leeds Mum Of Three

The Leeds mum of three children thanks to its blood donor with a rare blood group that because of her she can spend time with her children.

Solome Mealin mother also passed away due to sickle cell disease. Because of which she cannot spend time with her mother. But because of this donor, she is spending time with her three children.

How A Blood Donor Bought Time For Leeds

Solome at the age of 39 gets a blood transfusion from Zamzam Aba-Nur who had the same rare blood type RO which is more common in black people.

NHS Blood Transplant center arranges a get together of these two ladies by using their donor database. At the NHSBT’s Therapeutic Apheresis Services Unit at St James’s Hospital in Leeds were Solome was treated.

In the meeting, Solome gave her donor an emotional hug along with that she present her thank you card from her children.

Then she told her that because of your blood donation I can spend time with my children. Your blood which is traveling in my veins makes me able to take care of my children.

Solomen and her donor are become the ambassador of urgent call donation services and appeal black people to register as a blood donor.

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