Four People Sentenced Over Violent Street Killing In Rotherham

Street killing in Rotheram caused a lot of fear and threat. Four people were involved in this killing. They were later sentenced and were sent to jail. It was a targeted and violent killing. This incident took place on Midland Road, where John Methley, 39 was attacked and was found unconscious. He has a head injury and was taken to the hospital but he could not survive.

Street Killing In Rotherham

He died after six days in the hospital.

Nafees Hussain, 20 and Kyle Greenwood, 20 were found guilty. They were following a trial for being guilty of manslaughter.

Hussain was sent to jail for life and Greenwood of Spa View was sentenced for 11 years.

Adam Khan who is 21 and is from Norwood Road in Sheffield, was also sent to jail for 3 years. He was guilty of helping an offender.

Hana Riaz, 21 was also found as an assistant of the offender. Hana pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 22 months in jail.

Mr, Methley was innocent. He was just going for his business work when he was attacked in the unprovoked and indefensible way.

His father, Alan said that my son’s family and friends will miss him a lot. He was not a person who would ever hurt anyone.

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