FoodWise Launches #VegRocksRainbow challenge

FoodWise Leeds has launched the #VegRocksRainbow challenge as part of the Healthy Holidays programme. This campaign aims to encourage families to eat more fruit and vegetables in a fun way.

Get involved with the challenge and eat the rainbow to boost your health as well as be in with the chance to win prizes. 

Why is it important to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables? 

Fruit and vegetables add colour, texture and variety to meals. They are also a great quick and natural snack. You can enjoy fruit and vegetables in any form – fresh, frozen, canned – so they are really convenient and ready when you need them. All fruit and vegetables are packed full of vitamins and minerals that can help you feel full of energy and strength. Fruit and vegetables have different types and amounts of vitamins and minerals,so eating a variety of fruit and vegetables is important as this will provide the body with a good combination of these essential nutrients, which can help to keep the body healthy. 

#VegRocksRainbow challenge: What is it and how can you enter? 

The #VegRocksRainbow challenge is to eat as many different colours of fruit and vegetables as you can in one meal, one day or one week. There are so many different fruits and vegetables, so why not try something new this summer? You could add peas and sweetcorn to your rice, sprinkle berries on your porridge, add carrots to your mashed potato or even try baked bananas on the BBQ. 

To keep track of all the fruit and vegetables you and your family enjoy during the #VegRocksChallenge, every time a different coloured fruit or vegetable is eaten, the corresponding colour of the rainbow can be filled in. For instance, if you enjoyed some yellow pepper you could colour the yellow stripe of the rainbow, draw in some yellow peppers or even collage the stripe with yellow pieces of magazine. 

You can download the #VegRocksRainbow from ‘’, from your local ‘Healthy Holiday project’ or you could draw your own. 

To enter the challenge, take a photo of the coloured rainbow and share it on Facebook, Twitter and/ or Instagram using the hashtag #VegRocksRainbow and tag @foodwiseleeds. If you do not use or have access to social media, ask your local Healthy Holiday project to share the rainbow for you. You can also put the rainbow in your window so that others can see it and join in with the challenge, too. 

Enter the #VegRocksChallenge to win prizes 

The challenge runs until Friday 28th August 2020. Winning rainbows will be selected from those posted on social media, so make sure you share your rainbow when you have completed it. Prizes include shopping vouchers, veg boxes delivered to your door, and recipe books. 

#VegRocksRainbow TikTok challenge 

In addition to eating lots of fruit and vegetables, being active is also important to boosting health and wellbeing. To help you and your family be more active this summer, DAZL Leeds have created a fun #VegRocksRainbow TikTok dance. Head to DAZL Twitter to get involved and learn the dance. Here is the link:

Photograph by Reka Biro Horvath.

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