Flood Warning Due To Heavy Rain In Leeds

Due to last night’s heavy rain Government Issue the flood warning in river Aire which is between Leeds and Bradford.

Due to climate change, a season of heavy rain system enters the boundaries of Manchester and due to last night’s heavy rain, the water level in River Aire has raised.

Flood Warning Due To Heavy Rain

Due to which the government announces the warning of flood in Leeds so that people take proper precautions to fight against extreme conditions.

Warning for potential flooding also announced in the areas of Kirkstall and Crown Point. Because the water level of the river is increasing and that’s why these areas are also at high risk.

According to the government flood information report. The level of the river remains high along the Aire but the level of water may continue to rise downstream through the Castleford area.

But the good news is that the water level is not as high as it was on Sunday.

The government advised the people of Leeds that flooding is possible and be prepared in four areas of Leeds. Three along the river Aire and one in Holbeck.

The government department of flood providing updated information regarding the level of river water to the people of Leeds.

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