Fleetwood Town Going on Trial For Accused of Assaulting Daniel Stendel

It is reported that the Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton is going on a trial next week. This trial is in response to the assaulting behavior of Mr. Joey against Daniel Stendel.

Barton, who is 37 has been alleged because he pushed Stendel when they were playing a match at Barnley’s Oakwell Stadium on 13th April.

He actually damaged Barnsley’s tooth.
He did not plead for being guilty on hitting physically and harming Daniel on Wednesday at Sheffield Crown.

Now the former England player is going to face the provisional trial on 1st of next month.
Barnsley directly went to file his complain to the Football Association and the English Football League right after this incident.

Basically Stendel is the one who guided Barnsley so that he could get promotion in the last season. Later he just left his position in the club earlier this month.

It is belevied that the result of this Court’s hearing is definitely going to go against Fleetwood Town Manager, Joey Barton.

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