Fears of further flooding due to more rainfalls

Forecasts are telling that very heavy rains are going to fall by Thursday. If more rains will fall, then they can cause many problems for the areas which are already flooded in South Yorkshire. According to the Environmental Agency, the flooded areas really cannot bear more rains now. People are already stranded in those areas.

This department has issued five serious and damaging flood warnings. The warnings tell that further flooding can be very damaging to lives. It is expected that this flooding may continue till Wednesday.
There are 21 more flood warnings issued only for South Yorkshire. It means that serious floods are expected.

According to Andrew Denville from Environmental Agency more downpours later this week are going to disrupt normal lives of people.

Particularly, the schools are being affected. The areas of severe flooding include Bentley High Street Primary, Bentley New Village Primary, Bentley Kirby Avenue Primary and our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Primary, Bentley.

According to the city council, all these schools shall remain closed till tomorrow.

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