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Tara: She Who Takes Us Across

June 29 @ 19:00

On this ONLINE class you will receive initiation into the sadhana (practice) of Tara, including her mantras and visualisations. You will also learn support practices and meditations to help you touch the essence of the Tara energy and to smoothly integrate this level of consciousness.

Tara is one of the 10 ‘Mahavidyas’ – the 10 ‘great wisdom goddesses’ or 10 ‘great paths of self-realisation’ of the Shakta Tantric traditions. We approach the Mahavidyas to help us remove the veils of illusion and fragmentation that obscure our true nature as consciousness. They bring a level of wisdom and a direct perception of the absolute beyond our normal levels of understanding and perception.

Mahavidya Tara
Tara means to ‘cross over’ so she is often called the saviouress. She helps us cross over, like a boat crossing over, the ocean of samsara – the manifest world of suffering . Samsara is the repetitive cycle of limitation and suffering that we are bound to, when we believe we are nothing more than the ego, our limited self identity. Tara takes us across by cutting through our clinging to that which is impermanent, and helps us break free of limiting and negative attachments. She takes away our restlessness and agitations, and stop us moving compulsively in the activities that keep us bound to the small self.

With Tara we can release our hold on the stories of the ego, the ‘I’ we feel we have to be. She helps us to transcend whatever keeps us spinning in samsara by taking us to a higher level of wisdom and realisation. She reveals that everything we encounter and know in this samsaric realm, is nothing other than the primordial vibration of consciousness. She is the power of sound as latent potential and is thus associated with the mantra OM. As unmanifest sound, pure vibration, she can swiftly takes us across form to rest in our formless nature.

Mahavidya Tara is a fierce and wrathful emanation of the divine Shakti. Fierceness here does not mean violent or angry, but very direct. The fierce energy is needed to penetrate potently through the material, obscured and dense levels of our mind, and to burn through the patterns we need to let go of. The fierce deities are said to work very quickly in breaking apart the old patterns of mind so we can move to a higher level of consciousness. The encounter can at times be challenging for us, as we are forced to confront and pass through what we often don’t want to see and feel. However as we break through the density of our samsaric patterns we are released of our limiting identities and free to express and be who we really are.

We will balance Her fierce aspect by also approaching a more benign form of Tara called Shyama Tara (or green Tara) who holds Tara’s field of gentle compassion. With Shyama Tara we are able to be held and to rest in the lap of consciousness even as we loosen our ties on the egoic patterns we have normally relied upon to define us.

In this way the Sadhana will be balanced and we can dive in deep with confidence.

The teachings are from the Kaula Shri Vidya tradition, and Zeenat has been authorised to give initiation into and transmission of the teachings by her teacher, lineage holder and master Parvathi Nath Saraswati.


This course is suitable for those who already have a dedicated practice in meditation and inner yoga/Tantra, and who sincerely wish to deepen their practice and understanding and are committed to their path. This is needed for all Mahavidya practice.

Tantric Sadhana is a commitment. There are many levels to this, but simply put to accomplish the practice, to allow it to bear fruit, we would dedicate at least 40 days of continuous practice. If for any reason you can’t start the sadhana straight after the course, you are free to receive the initiations and then do the practice later, when your life circumstances fully allow you to dive in.

Please see here for more details about requirements: https://www.rajeshwaritantra.co.uk/13/Courses-In-Tantra-Yoga-Meditation/Tara-Sadhana.html

For those who already teach, please be aware that attendance of this course is not authorization to teach; the practices are intended for you only and to help you deepen your own spiritual process.


Rajeshwari Tantra: Tantra Yoga Meditation in Leeds and the UK
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