Encounter Between Two Teenage Girls Over A Boy

Encounter between two teenage girls got so intense and violent that the police had to intervene. The police used CS gas to ease down the situation. This encounter took place at a petrol station late at night.

Encounter Between Two Teenage Girls

This brawl that took place at 3 a.m, started when both of them discovered that they have been dating and sharing one boyfriend and they were not even aware of that before.

The police had to use CS gas to extinguish this violence. The girls got so violent that they even scratched the officers with their manicured nails.

This whole incident was being filed by the friends of the victim.

Barmaid Katie Frost, who is 18 was just plunging into all her emotional sorrows. Later, she accidentally met her love rival, Safari-Leigh Paton while they both were standing in a queue to buy chocolates.

Both the girls first looked at each other. Miss Paton, a trainee hairstylist asked Frost that did she have any problem. Frost, the mother of one child said yes, as he had been with her since she was 14 weeks pregnant.

To this Miss, Paton turned and went away but Frost pulled her handbag strap and pulled her down on the floor before she punched her hard on her face and pulled her hair hard.

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