Crash Between A Vehicle and A Pedestrian Resulted In The Closure of A Major Route to Leeds

A crash between a vehicle and a pedestrian has caused mayhem and this has resulted in the closure of one of the main roads that lead to Leeds all morning.

A pedestrian is taken to the hospital after being hit by a vehicle o M621 near Leeds. This route will probably remain closed for several hours after this crash between a vehicle and a pedestrian.

The vehicles have been directed to use diversions. The traffic there on diversions is very slow due to some construction works going on.

This collision took place at around 05:00 am between two junctions including junction three and four.
The situation is still unclear about the man coming on the motorway and getting hit by a vehicle. The diverted traffic can now easily rejoin the main route at junction four.

The police have tweeted and told that there is no clear information about the time required to reopen the route.
Long delays in that area are being expected.

The motorway police have told that this route will be closed for a long time so he requested people to avoid going to that area.

The concerned department and officers are working hard to reopen this route for normal traffic as soon as possible. But this disruption has spread some chaos on that junction, which would take some time to get resolved.

This incident has created a lot of congestion around junction 27.
Meanwhile, people are requested to use diversions.

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