Challenges, Guidance, and Support for International Students during COVID-19


When the COVID-19 pandemic began, there was widespread uncertainty about what it meant for the education sector. While everyone was affected, international students were particularly worried about what the virus meant for their studies.

Let’s take a look at what the instant response was from the Government, as well as the impacts it’s had for students from abroad.

COVID-19: The Education Sector’s Response

Just like most institutions in the UK, the education sector was quick to respond with new guidelines and plans when coronavirus began to spread. Here are some of the key reactions which made the first few days of the pandemic easier for all students to deal with.

Safety, wellbeing and health


Universities were some of the first institutes to close their doors during lockdown. Social distancing measures were introduced immediately for all on campus, while lessons were transferred into an online environment.

There have also recently been proactive steps for coming out of lockdown safely. These include a detailed list of 9 key principles which must be adhered to when quarantine ends.

Student wearing files

The beginning of lockdown was an uncertain time for everyone. This uncertainty took a large toll on the mental health of a lot of people. In fact, reports found as many as 83% of young people’s mental wellbeing suffered as a result of the outbreak.

A number of organisations responded by providing help to those students who felt affected by the impact of the virus. Student Minds are a great example of this, offering specific COVID-19-related advice.




It’s easy to forget, given the huge economic and social changes, that it’s your physical health which is arguably at the greatest risk during the pandemic.

This was addressed both by the immediate response on campuses, as well as in the nine new principles. They focus on changing the layout of a campus in accordance with public health factors, reviewing cleaning and hygiene protocols and easing restrictions in a measured and safe manner.


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