Blue Sakura – All you can eat sushi

As a lover of fresh Asian flavours and picky dishes, sushi is up there with my favourite food.

Blue Sakura in Leeds offers all you can eat sushi, which seemed like heaven to me, but at £30 per person, I had always considered it too expensive to try. However, when I saw that Blue Sakura had signed up to the Eat Out to Help Out offer, and that my friend was also keen to give it a try, we rushed to book a table before the scheme came to an end. 

We secured a table for the evening section to try out as many dishes as our stomachs could handle. As per this new, strange world, on arrival we squirted on some hand sanitiser gel at the door and had our temperatures checked by a machine. Thankfully everything was ok, and we were shown to our table. As we walked over, I had a look around the restaurant, which was much bigger than I expected. I appreciated the Japanese inspired design, the pink cherry blossom trees and the ambient lighting – it almost felt like we were no longer in Leeds. 

Once we were seated, we were given a tablet and were told that we could use it to order up to 5 dishes every 8 minutes, which sounded like a lot! After a few minutes browsing the menu and getting to grips with the technology, we saw loads of dishes that we wanted to try, but we decided to pace ourselves. We started with edamame beans, miso soup, and seaweed salad, which were all fab. 

But, as we munched, we decided we needed to go big, so we ordered an additional 5 dishes, including torched salmon nigiri (which I had never had before but loved) salmon tataki, California hand rolls, crab meat maki rolls, and prawn tempura and avocado dynamite rolls. I loved the different flavours and textures of the dishes and enjoyed being able to try out some new varieties. On reflection, we agreed that the rice to filling ratio on the sushi dishes was a little high but that it was understandable considering the need to make a profit.

We decided we needed some meat, so in our next round of dishes, we opted for salt and pepper chicken, beef with teriyaki sauce (surprisingly one of my favourite dishes of the evening) and chicken with teriyaki sauce. I loved the BBQ flavour of all the dishes and was amazed how well all the meat had been cooked, despite the huge number of dishes that the kitchen was sending out. 

Despite feeling like we had eaten everything on the menu, we decided to order a few more dishes before we called it a night. We opted to have repeat orders on some of our favourite plates, including the torched salmon nigiri, California hand rolls and the diced beef with teriyaki. They were again all fantastic.

To finish everything off, because a meal is never complete without dessert, we opted for deep fried buns with condensed milk dipping sauce. It may not sound good, but the buns were warm and sticky and who doesn’t love condensed milk? It wasn’t a light dessert, but I am glad we ordered it. 

Overall, we had a lovely meal and both enjoyed every dish we ordered. Although we went on an Eat Out to Help Out evening and so had a £10 discount on the meal, we agreed that we would go back to Blue Sakura and wouldn’t mind paying full price, considering the amount of food we could eat and the quality of all the dishes.

You can reserve a table by calling 0113 244 2989 or visit

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