Bike maintenance videos

The Bike Hub may not be open but they’re still here for you and your biking needs! This Healthy Week they’ve compiled a list of helpful video resources to help you maintain your bike, from how to wash a bike properly to adjusting your gears and brakes.

Bike maintenance videos

How to wash a bike

5-minute bike wash:

30-minute bike wash:

Bike wash in a flat:

How to remove a bike wheel:

How to fix a puncture:

How to adjust brakes:

Rim brakes:


Road brakes:

(Older) “single-pivot” brakes:  

(Newer) “dual-pivot” brakes:

Mountain bike / touring / hybrid brakes:

(Rare) “U-brakes”:

“Cantilever” brakes (cantis): (new threaded brake pads)

or (old peg brake pads)


Disc brakes:

How to change brake pads:

Mechanical disc brakes:

Hydraulic disc brakes:

(The Bike Hub would strongly recommend using a bike shop as a lot could go wrong with hydraulic brakes).

How to adjust gears:

Front derailleur:

Rear derailleur:

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