Appeal for A Missing Couple And Three Kids

The missing couple-Zdenek Nemth and Zakelina Kotlarova are missing since Tuesday night. It was 11:50 pm when they got lost.

The couple was lost along with their three kids- Chelsea, Serdio and Francesco.

Basically, Zdenek and Zakelina live in Harehills but their roots are in Scotland.

The appeal launched by the police says, ‘did you see this couple ‘. Police is doing its responsibility to ensure the safety of this couple and their three children.

If anyone has any clue or idea about this case, then kindly call 101 or the given quoting log number; 622.
The couple is missing since last week.

According to the police, there have been no clues found yet. Their relatives and friends are quite worried and concerned about this incident and are anxious to know about this family’s condition.

Police is working hard and showing deep concern to locate this missing family as soon as possible.

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