All Blames on Doctors For being Available One or Two Days A Week

GP’s are those doctors who are self-employed and they can choose their working hours by themselves.

Acquisition has been made by a city counselor of Leeds. He said that there is an awful lot of doctors who just work for a few hours and that also once or twice a week. He wants strict contracts for such doctors so that they start working for more hours. So this is why all blames on doctors for their scarce working hours.

Blames on Doctors

But according to a senior and experienced NHS professional, GPs are independent doctors and there is no law that could force them to work for more hours.

There were comments coming in a meeting of Leeds City Council’s health scrutiny committee in which there were claims that inequalities of health care should be reduced in this city.

Paul Truswell of Labor also made a point that stated that there is a shortage of GPs across the nation. He further said that even though there are extended surgery hours, still people have to struggle a lot to get an appointment.

Graham Latty from the Conservative party also said that although there is a need for more doctors but the doctors who are already working, should work for more hours. He further added that there is a huge lot of doctors who only work once or twice a week.

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