A Man Dressed In Black From Head To Toe Reportedly Raped Girl Who Is 12

A white man, dressed up in black from head to toe, raped a 12-year-old girl on Friday. It happened at the end of the first day of the new school year.

However, they reported to the police on October 3.

Raped a 12 years girl

The raper attacked the girl at approximately 02:40 pm on Friday 6th September. But the police were told about the incident later on 3rd October.

This attack took place off the Holyhead Road near the Priorslee roundabout. Detectives are not after the culprit and they are trying to inquire if anyone had footage of that incident.

The police are after that man who raped the young girl in bright light.

According to the victim, the offender was white and wearing a black color. The inquiries are quick and patrolling in the area to ensure quick justice. Specialists are fully supporting the victim and following the case so that the girl could get maximum help.

The superintendent Paul Moxley said that incidents like this spread a lot of concerns and fears among the society members. Extreme efforts are being shown so that that reassurance can be offered. It is expected that extensive inquiries will soon result in the arrest of that white man.

Active patrolling that area is being carried out. If anyone has any kind of proof or information regarding the case, then the information must be shared with the concerned department.

If anyone living in that area sees strange patrolling of someone in the area, they should immediately contact the police department.

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